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Fu Wan Chocolate (or FuWan) is a tree and bean to bar chocolate maker from Taiwan. They make chocolates from natively grown Taiwanese cocoa and from other fine cocoa bean sources from around the world. In 2011, Fu Wan originally started a resort, Warren Hsu, the executive chef at the resort wanted to provide the best local cuisine to its guests. One day he met a cacao farmer while Hsu was sourcing local ingredients and was introduced to cacao, and Hsu was immediately inspired by real tasting chocolate! With the cacao industry being relatively young, most of the cacao is being exported, making Fu Wan one of the very few makers handcrafting bean to bar chocolate with local cacao beans. Hsu has trained with bean to bar makers to share his journey of flavors through his chocolate bars. Fu Wan also believes in an eco-friendly approach. They take emptied out cacao pods, which are considered a waste product and convert them into cacao syrup. They also product cacao tea and even in the works of producing cacao paper. Warren came up with the name Fu Wan because Fu meaning fortune, blessings and happiness, and Wan means bay. Fu Wan is located near a national scenic area, hence they are from a bay full of fortune, blessings and happiness!

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